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Best Practices for EB-5 Professionals and Their Clients

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program captured media attention recently as Jared Kushner’s sister touted a Manhattan EB-5 project to Chinese investors. This article reflects in no way on the merits of that project, but immigrant investors and their advisors should be aware that the EB-5 space is awash with fraud, false promises, investment losses, and… Read More »

Dual Representation Issues in Immigration Law

In immigration practice, dual representation issues present themselves in both business immigration and family-based immigration matters. These are of course broad categories, and the dual representation issue thus confronts both attorneys and clients in most immigration matters. Whether you are a business, an educational institution, an EB-5 project promoter, or the spouse or other immediate… Read More »

When Your Attorney Should Litigate Your Immigration Case

Immigration law can be confusing, even for experienced attorneys. The immigration laws and regulations were enacted over decades by politicians and bureaucrats with differing views of immigration policy. For these reasons, by contrast with, for example, the relatively elegant scheme of regulation found in the federal securities laws, immigration law is a hodgepodge of regulations… Read More »

Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice – Mediation and Collaborative Law

I have practiced law for twenty-five years. For most of that time, I have been a certified mediator and arbitrator. Mediation, unlike arbitration or lawsuits in court, offers parties the ability to resolve their dispute on their own terms. I have served as a mediator since 1995. I have mediated employment cases for the Equal… Read More »

“Diversity” and the Supreme Court

This post was originally written in 2012 on a since-discontinued blog. But now that Justice Scalia is gone, President Obama has nominated Judge Merrick Garland to replace him, and the GOP leadership has promised not to allow hearings on the nomination, these observations seem even more current than they were almost four years ago.  Reuters… Read More »

Class Action Notice

Have you received notice of a class action? You may have seen or heard a published notice that the pharmaceutical company that manufactured a prescription you used is facing a class action, or that a class action regarding a product or service you used has been settled. Class action settlements are generally made on an… Read More »

The Cautious Client and the “Non-Refundable Fee”

Recently a potential client visited my office to ask me to consider taking on a fairly complex matter involving numerous parties, claims, and counterclaims, litigation arising in the Alabama courts which might have expanded to other states or forums. The person’s former counsel had been forced to withdraw because of a conflict which arose after… Read More »

The United States Supreme Court and the Oligarchs

I published this blog post in an earlier, now discontinued blog, but since one of the oligarchs has decided to emerge from behind the curtain and actually run for president himself, it seems timely to repost it now in a slightly revised version. How many times have you heard someone who feels wronged swear he… Read More »